Break Time in São Paulo!

Hey everyone!

              Friday was a nice break from the bucolic Sorocaba environment. We had to leave the swimming pool behind and head for some urban enlightenment in São Paulo city.  The highlight of the day was the Video Conference with David Graddol (author of the book “The Future of English” – by the way, have you read it?). 

               We all piled into the bus and left for “Sampa” at 9.00 (Ooops!) sharp. We arrived at the S.P. British Council and were greeted by Mike, Julian, Karen and Telma with some refreshments and got ready to start the conference. At this point some of us were suddenly overwhelmed by the importance of what was taking place and what we were about to experience!- being part of the first Hornby Summer School in Brazil AND participating in a four-way video conference, along with ELT professionals in Venezuela and Chile, to ask David Graddol at the British Council in London about his ideas on the future of English, and its implications regarding our profession. (See link)

              After the Video Conference, we were allowed no more than 90 minutes to have lunch and go on the quickest shopping spree ever at Eldorado Shopping Centre.  Breathless and loaded with shopping bags, we met up again, got on the bus, and set off to Paulista Avenue. We got off the bus again and went for a walk down the avenue for some sightseeing. Then, we got on the bus – again! – and were taken to a charming souvenir shop, which we discovered has been around for 18 years! The bus driver had a hard time finding Mike’s house. So, we decided to help by getting off and walking round the neighbourhood. Finally, after Karen rang him up we spotted him down the road waving to us while talking to her on his cell (what would we have done without the wonders of telecommunications?!)          

       Dinner was wonderful (we even had salmon and wine!), the moon came out and we all had a great time! Although the mosquitoes were a bit bothersome, we were served enough “Caipirinhas” to forget all about them. We all want to thank Mike and Barbara Thorton for a lovely evening!        

         Back to the hotel, some brave survivors went back to the pool for a warm splash in the rain,  and chatted till the wee hours – that’s why there were some sleepy faces in the early morning session the following day!!! But as the saying goes … “All work and no play would make Hornbies dull boys/girls”. Ain’t it right?                   Inez & Isa                       (Revised by Hornbyboy Sérgio)                    



  1. January 16, 2006 at 12:50 am

    […] Check Ines’ and Isa´s report on the day. […]

  2. Bee said,

    January 16, 2006 at 1:03 am

    Well done, girls! Welcome to blogosphere!
    As I went home after the party to sleep on my own bed I missed the fun on the bus and the bus. It was nice to read what happened.

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